360 degrees of player insights

IGT Command™ is the power behind IGT’s interactive portfolio, and it is built around player and operator needs. Our platform has a fully scalable and powerful open architecture that works seamlessly across platforms, and pulls all player, reward, and financial activity together into one place. IGT Command allows you to focus on your player, instead of worrying about the technology.

IGT Command is available in a variety of configurations to fit your unique business needs (multi-tenancy, on premise, or SaaS). All of our iGaming solutions work together to provide a complete, flexible, and powerful interactive portfolio.

Works with your existing technology

Regardless of how many systems you have – casino, loyalty, games, payment, CRM – IGT Command links everything. It integrates with your existing portfolio of third-party offerings, any regulatory or compliance systems, off-the-shelf or bespoke land-based player card and loyalty systems, currency exchange servers, risk management and fraud detection applications, and a whole host of other products required by your business.

Provides full administrative control

IGT Command provides you with full control of your systems. Control administrative functions such as network management, payment management, player accounting, marketing campaign management, CRM processes, and regulatory compliance. It also houses important responsible gaming controls for you and your players. 

IGT Command platform also gives you full control of your information. It has a powerful yet simple reporting tool that leverages your complete iGaming portfolio. It takes complex information and produces a 360-degree view of your customer in standard or custom reports. 

Platform IGT Command

  • IGT Connect

    IGT Connect™ is our one-stop-shop solution for handling integrations between IGT and/or third-party game systems and any Player Account Management (PAM) System. It gives the operator access to all IGT game engines (be it Lottery, Sports, Casino, Poker, or Bingo) and/or to any third-party game engine through a unified platform. This allows the operator to offer the end user the pick of gaming content available in the market, with minimal integration effort. In addition, it offers a unique set of gaming services that optimize content yield, such as bonusing, meta-games, player progression features, and personalization.

  • Interactive Platforms PAM


    IGT PAM™ is designed to provide complete control in administration of users, partners, payment systems, and access configurations to the game systems. IGT PAM aggregates all data relating to players, rewards, and finances. With IGT PAM, you can oversee all areas of the business, anticipate new consumer and technological trends, and strategically adapt the business to new opportunities.

    Key features include:

    • Administering rewards programs targeted at player acquisition and retention
    • Running promotional campaigns with flexible loyalty programs and bonuses
    • Event-based notifications engine sends emails, SMS, or portal messages to players
    • Advanced and flexible responsible gaming
    • 360° view of players, tailored to operator role
    • Administration of allowed IP addresses, permitted currencies, and access privileges
    • Multi-currency, multi-language support
    • Powerful, customizable reporting supported by complex querying and graphical widget capabilities
    • Offer Play-for-Fun as a power player acquisition channel, coupled with the ability to buy virtual currency with real money or land-based loyalty points
  • IGT Pay

    IGT Pay™ is a system building block intended for managing players’ payment instructions, and processing payment transactions via the integrated Payment Service Providers. Providing documented interfaces, it can be easily integrated with third-party wallet systems and web portals. The key benefits of using our natively integrated IGT Pay include:

    • Consumers of IGT Pay interfaces select preferred Payments Service Providers (PSP) to benefit from lowest payment processing fees and local support (e.g., local acquirers or local regional payment methods) 
    • Through its existing set of payment integrations, IGT Pay offers a choice of extending the palette of supported payment methods – supporting providers such as PayPal, Skrill, NETELLER, Paysafecard, Citadel Direct, MyBank, Abaqoos, and many others
    • As a Payment Application Data Security Standard (PA-DSS) certified application, IGT Pay simplifies obtaining full Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard certification (PCI DSS), where full flexibility of Card Not Present (CNP) transacting is required.
  • Interactive Platforms PAM

    IGT Control

    IGT Control™ is the management user interface for full command of your information. The core of IGT Control is a dynamic web application framework providing cross-cutting functionalities such as authentication and authorization. Within this framework, the user interface is used for customer service, management workflows, module administration, and third-party integration management.

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